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One of the beauties of the internet age is that it’s now so easy to find a carpet cleaning company to come to your home or office. In fact, now that you’re reading this article, you already have!

Another great thing about the age of information is that now, with the available technology, a carpet cleaning company can provide quick and accurate quotes over the phone or internet, but to get the most accurate quote, they’ll need to see the place in person.

Take into consideration, the company has to haul expensive equipment to your job site, so they’ll need to factor travel/fuel surcharges into your price. After this, the company may have an online questionnaire available for you to fill out to help figure out the cost for your job. Remember, it’s often a sign of bad or shady service if a company advertises pricing by room. There are tons of different sized rooms out there. This business model is a sign it’s probably best to look for someone else.

When arriving at your price, they use the square footage of the floor in question not just to get an idea about the size of your floors in question, but to factor in how much wear and tear their machines will take, which machines to bring, how much water/chemicals to use, etc. This is where the pricing really soars. A carpet cleaning quote form may also ask the individual for the amount of occupants in the home, as well as if there are any pets to determine what sort of chemicals will be needed to thoroughly clean the flooring. Since more people typically equates to more wear and tear on the fibers, a stronger agent may be needed in those situations. Professionals will typically come equipped with specialized spot and odor removal products, as these are the most commonly encountered problems when dealing with households that have pets.

You will love your carpets after they are deep cleaned! What are you waiting for? The sooner you call a good carpet cleaning company, the sooner your home will be more enjoyable to live in and become the envy of your neighbors!

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