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If you love your pets as much as we do, no doubt that they’re just like another member of the family, with maybe a few differences. They’re lovable and loyal yes, and you may have even given them your last name, but let’s not forget that they don’t have to wear clothes, go to school, get a job, or use the restroom.

Now, of course they still have to make use of -somewhere- as their restroom, but not necessarily THE restroom. And also, your pets, unless your pet is a monkey, don’t have opposable thumbs. 
So they can’t let themselves outside.
So what end’s up happening?
And what do accidents cause?
And if something happens and you can’t get home on time, and you have several pets, even just one day can result in hundreds of dollars worth of accidents, especially if you don’t know the benefits of steam cleaning your carpet. 
Pet odors and stains which aren’t properly tackled often linger throughout the house for an extended time period. 
Apart from the foul smell, bacteria will quickly set in and multiply once proper carpet cleaning procedure hasn’t been used. 

As loving pet owner and family man, it is up to you to keep every thing inside the shelter clean and free from bacteria. 
We know you love your pets, and there isn’t a lot you wouldn’t do to keep them around, even if it means the constant need of eliminating pet stains from the carpet.
Don’t let your out of control pet problems force your hand into replacing your carpet.
Renew your carpet!

At Carpet Cleaning Pro, we specialize in steam carpet cleaning, which is designed to lift the stains, spills, dirt, bacteria, and allergens that are making home in the deepest recesses of your carpet. Simply vacuuming and shampooing can’t get rid of all these. 
Sometimes, it’s best to have a professional come and take care of it for you. So give us a call, and have us lend your and your pets a helping hand!

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