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Like any other business, Carpet Cleaning Pro has to be up to date on all the latest trends in the industry. Many customers are concerned that we aren’t able to deal with the complexities of Frieze carpeting. But don’t worry.

We are.

Frieze carpet refers to a style of textile that is similar to the retro shag rugs of the 1970s. Like a shag rug, this textile is designed with a deep pile, which means the fibers are long and durable. This pile can withstand constant wear and traffic for years before it needs to be replaced. In general, the only thing that can cause permanent compression is furniture left in place for a long period of time. This flooring is also prized for its soft, luxurious feeling and ability to cover up unsightly seams. However, one of the difficulties associated with the material is difficulty of cleaning. For this reason, professionals are often required to thoroughly clean this type of flooring.

Professional cleaners are equipped to deal with this type of flooring. The soil extraction kit often comes with what’s called a beater bar, which ruffles up the flooring as the vacuum passes over it. Frieze carpet doesn’t hold onto dirt as much as other textiles, but because it is so deep, a beater bar is needed. This shuffles the fibers around as the vacuum passes over, loosening and exposes dirt under the surface of the textile. Thorough soil extraction is the most important part of the process, so professionals will normally cover the area several times with a power vacuum to provide deep removal.

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