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There are many, many different styles of carpet out there, and almost all of them require different treatments.

If you’re dealing with textile treatment, it may be possible to find a treatment feasible for DIY clients, but more than likely, not.

After vacuuming, professionals may choose to shampoo the flooring utilizing ‘steam cleaning,’ or more appropriately called ‘hot water extraction,’ or lay down a dry absorbent compound to remove the maximum amount of soil. While some of these chemicals are available to homeowners that want to treat the flooring on their own, professionals typically have access to commercial strength concentrations that improve treatment performance.

If you’re still considering doing this as a DIY, ask yourself, is it more important to get the professional grade carpet cleaning solution, or the equipment that professionals would use?

They’re both equally irreplacable.

Many of the treatment chemicals do-it-yourselfers can buy professionals use, though likely, not in the powerful concentrations that professionals have access to. However, it’s the equipment that technicians use that makes a difference. Powerful vacuums, agitators and shampooers are needed for a thorough treatment, and do-it-yourselfers don’t have access to this equipment.

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