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Locating a reliable carpet cleaner specialist service to professionally care for your expensive rugs is particularly important in maintaining their shape and color over their lifetime. Rug cleaning is a thorough process that must be completed with the right supplies and care. Proper care will show off the colors of your rugs and maintain your investment. Using a professional rug cleaning service helps ensure that your rugs receive the best procedures to maintain them looking great along with being sheltered from walking damage. If you are under the impression that washing a rug only requires a tiny bit of water and detergent, then get ready for an absolute loss.

Except for the most basic and inexpensive “throw rugs” or large doormats, rugs require special attention during the cleaning process to preserve the colors and textures that keep them looking great. Our amazing Carpet Cleaning Pro will handle all your carpeting delicately.

A lot of people want to know, “How soon should I walk on the carpet after it is washed?”

Typically, the amount of time you should wait to walk on the carpet is one to three hours, with drying times varying based on humidity, type of carpet, etc.

For liability reasons, we ask that you remove all sorts of furniture (coffee tables, side tables, ottomans, sofas, love-seats) and small items (decors, plants, containers) prior to the arrival of our technicians. Of course, our Carpet Cleaning Pro specialists would be happy to help you move light furniture.

Our trusted Carpet Cleaning Pro technicians care about you just like we would our own family, therefore, we only use the safest non-toxic chemicals available.

An area is defined as room, hallway, bathroom, landing, or walk-in closet. Rooms over 200 square feet and stairs are considered two rooms.

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