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You may not realize it, but residential and commercial carpet cleaning services may not be interchangeable, and this is a very important distinction to have in mind when looking for carpet cleaners. The client should choose appropriately when looking for a professional group to do the job, equipped with all the appropriate knowledge necessary in making the decision.

Because of the differences in the ways commercial and residential carpets are fabricated, the treatment requires some different specifications and considerations. As such, a company that specializes in business flooring usually sets its prices for larger projects, and may charge a big premium to travel out to individual homes. In addition, the vacuums and hot water collectors that these professionals use are a bit bigger and require more power. These machines are better calibrated for larger spaces and because of the allowances of their normally larger accommodations, may be too large for your house, or at least may not maneuver as well in tighter spots.

Because of all these different factors, many commercial sanitizers won’t take on residential clients. These professionals are more often looking for regular clients who will requires their services on a monthly basis, as the commercial carpets deal with many, many more pollutants per day than your average household. However, many are equipped to handle both, and can be a viable solution no matter the situation.

You will love your carpets after they are deep cleaned! What are you waiting for? The sooner you call a good carpet cleaning company, the sooner your home will be more enjoyable to live in and become the envy of your neighbors!

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