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Dryer Vent Cleaning 

Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Disadvantages of Dirty Dryers

Over time, lint, bird nests and other material can accumulate on the sides of your dryer vent tubing, which can lead to a lot of disadvantages such as:

  • Air flow will be diminished thereby making it harder for the dryer to do its job
  • The dryer will take more time to dry clothes
  • The drying process will cost more money
  • Since drying process is consuming more energy, your carbon footprint is going to be much more than you would ideally want it to be
  • Last but not least, as per a report by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency),dryer vents cause more than 15,000 house fires every year, due to being clogged with lint. 

In case you missed it the last line, let us say it again:

Dryer Vents Clogged with Lint Cause 15,000 House Fires Every Year!

We are sure that by now you are convinced that dryer cleaning is not a luxury but a necessity.

How Often Should Dryer Cleaning Take Place?

Good question. While certain factors have to be taken into account in this regard such as length of duct, number of turns in the duct, efficiency of the dryer, length and existence of (any) vertical ducts etc. it would be safe to assume that dryer cleaning should take place every six months to three years.

How to find out if it’s time for Dryer Cleaning?

Signs that your dryer vents and ducts are clogged by debris, and that it’s time for dryer vent and ducts cleaning include:

  • You notice lint or debris outside the dryer vent opening
  • Clothes are not fully dried after the completion of a normal drying cycle
  • You notice a musty odor emanating from clothes after the completion of a normal drying cycle
  • Your clothes are too hot after a complete drying cycle

Since dryers are the number 1 cause of house fires, it would be good to watch for the above signs on a regular basis, and contact the experts as soon as you notice any of them.

Benefits of Dryer Cleaning

There are many benefits of dryer cleaning, such as:

  • It will keep your house safe from fires
  • It will keep your house safe from pollutants
  • You will save money by reducing your energy costs
  • You will save time
  • You will reduce your carbon foot print
  • Your clothes will dry faster
  • Your dryer will perform well and thus last longer and require less repairs

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