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Do you need to find a reliable carpet cleaning service near League City to steam clean your rugs and carpets? 

Well, that wasn’t really a question. You do need to find a carpet cleaning service, whether you know it or not.

Most warranties require you to have your carpets and rugs steam cleaned at least once every two years! Professional care is particularly important for maintaining color and shape over time, and lift deep set dust and stains that normal vacuums and cleaners can’t take care of.   

Rug cleaning is a thorough process that must be completed with the right supplies and care. Proper care will show off the colors of your rugs and maintain your investment. If, like most people, you are under the impression that carpet washing only requires a water and detergent, then start saving to have your carpet replaced in a few years, a costly investment indeed.

Or instead, have Carpet Cleaning Pro take care of it for you. Don’t have your carpets replaced, have them renewed! 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of affordable carpet cleaners out there that don’t recognize what individuals need. The might undershoot, but often they overshoot. Absence of information is their weapon of choice in this industry, and the’ll expect you to require more than you request. Carpet Cleaning Pros doesn’t do business like that. Every interaction with our clientele is intended to give them the best quality of experience, tailor fitting their cleaning to fit their needs. If you want more than carpet done, perhaps a deal on apolstry or duct work as well, feel free to let us know and we’ll work out a deal. If we notice anything, we may kindly make a suggestion as well, but everything will be for your benefit. 

We’ll make a special effort to verify you utilize the negligible measure of carpet cleaning companies.

For the sake of any greenery you may have in the rooms being cleaned, we ask that you remove any plants from the room, and for liability reasons, all furnishings as well. Of course, if needed, our technicians will be happy to help you with this.

Just like we would care for own family, we care about yours, and we want you to know we only use the safest non-toxic chemicals available.

How soon can you walk on the carpet?

The typical time that you should wait to walk on the carpet is one to three hours, with drying times varying based on humidity, type of carpet, etc.

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