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I love my ceramic tile floors, they just look great and are quite durable, but it is really a pain to clean them, in this guide I try to explain how to clean ceramic tile floors to have the best results, if you are trying to clean them you can damage them, or do you have a hard time cleaning the dirt in-between tiles? 

The first thing is that you must not leave your tile floors without sweeping for a long stretch of time, doing this can make dirt removal quite hard because the dirt will adhere to the surface and the longest the floor goes without cleaning the hardest it will be to remove it, if you can‘t sweep them everyday due to time constraints, try to do it at least on the weekends.

Of course you can always safe time and effort by cleaning the floors using a vacuum cleaner, but don’t beat your floors too hard to avoid scratching them. One of the methods to keep your ceramic tile floors in a good shape, is to prevent them from wearing off by keeping dirt off them, try to use a doormat, if someone with dirt on theirs shoe sole brings a lot of dirt into your beautiful tile floors they could get scratched and damage the finished surface, so its a good idea to ask your guest to shake off the dirt before entering the house.

For example i’ve found that some cleaning products can be abrasive, and damage the grout, the best thing is to just use water, but if the situation is really bad and you need to use a special tile cleaning product you should make sure it won’t cause any damage to your floors or grout.

Cleaning ceramic tile floors is really simple and you should keep them in good shape by weeping and mopping regularly, because many products are not very easy on your tile floor and even if they can help remove dirt, they also damage the tiles or grout, so don’t get yourself in the situation of needing to use abrasive products but if you must proceed with care. If the tile and grout are to dirty clean by hand, call a professional.

They have the equipment and experience to bring them back to life. I hope you have enjoyed my cleaning ceramic tile floor tips useful.

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