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If you are wondering how to clean travertine floors on your own, you would want to start off by dusting or using a cloth to remove pet hair, dirt, and rocks that you might trail in from the outside.  Any Tile and Grout Repair Friendswood 77546 would be willing to help you any time you need it. All of these things can damage the finish of your flooring, therefore is extremely important to remove this debris frequently.

Another way to prevent debris from entering your home is to put down mats or a pretty rug at the entrance of your home and at any door leading to the outside.  You would also want to make sure that when people come into your home they remove their shoes eliminating them from tracking dust, dirt and debris inside your home and scuffing up your floors.

The next step in keeping your travertine floor looking like new is to use a neutralized cleaner especially created for natural stone, that you can either pick up at your local hardware store, or you can get from the contractor that installed your flooring. Our Tile and Grout Repair Friendswood 77546 pros are always able to help you when you need us. Abrasive cleaning products can damage the natural stone tile and ruin whatever finish was on them to protect them.

If you aren’t able to obtain the neutralize cleaner you can take a little bit of liquidity dishwashing detergent and mix it with warm water and use that solution to clean your floors.  But, no matter what you use be sure not to put too much cleaner into the water.  Only a good Tile and Grout Repair Friendswood 77546 company can help you. Doing so can create a film over the floor and will make it looked worn and dull.  

Should you accidentally use abrasive cleaner, or a product containing bleach, you will definitely need to seek professional help.  The damage done by these cleaners cannot be scrubbed away. It would be a travesty to mar the beauty of your floor with these cleaners.

Stain types

Steam upholstery cleaners work well for stains from organic materials such as dirt, urine, wine and coffee. Though stubborn stains will require repeated cleaning, steam cleaning is effective for theses types of stains. Any others may require specific chemical-based cleaners.


When it comes to choosing upholstery cleaning equipment, consider ease of use. Some machines are heavy and require considerable physical effort, but lightweight options are also available. Along with the weight of the machine, review the attachments; many newer machines are fitted with a number of special attachments designed to make cleaning easier. Make sure you call your local Tile and Grout Repair Friends

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