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Who said there’s no such thing as free lunch? We’ll a lot of smart economists actually, and we’re willing to bet if you study Economics, you’ll find them to be true in all areas but one – Carpet Cleaning Pro. Don’t get too excited though.

We’re not gonna clean your carpets for free unless you blackmail us or something like that.

But we do want our company to stick out to you for our competitive prices, our contagious smiles, and our comprehensive, so we love using it as a platform to give you excellent carpet cleaning tips for free.

These aren’t your basic run of the mill tips you can find anywhere, but credible information from the IICRC that is going to change the way you perceive carpet care in your home.

What is the IICRC? It’s the International Institute of Carpet Restoration and Certification. Yeah, that’s a real thing.

Many people have floor coverings as a quick fix to keep floors clean, but you need to keep those floor coverings fresh too! Just like any other filter, they become less effective when they’re full, so frequent cleaning is necessary.

Vacuuming is important, obviously, but not enough.

Not even just one pass with a cleaning machine is enough, as different passes from different angles are required to get down into the deepest recesses of the carpet.

But if you look at the warranty on the carpet, you might see something that’ll surprise you. It’s that you can void your warranty if you don’t have your carpet professionally steam cleaned once every two years.

So what are you waiting for? Carpet Cleaning Pro is the best in the business to have your carpets cleaned today.

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