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It’s easy to see why carpets require such tender loving care. They absorb spills, they retain dirt, they hide doggy dander and even harmful pathogens and allergens in their hard to reach roots. But hard surface floors are a completely different story, right?

If you spill something, you wipe it up; if dirt accumulates, you sweep it up; when things get really bad, you mop it. No problem. 

Well, not so fast. 

Hard surfaced floors are almost always sealed with a glossy sealant, polyurethane, lacquer, something of the sort.

And though very durable, these sealants aren’t impervious to wear and tear, and you’ll soon begin to realize that the more traveled areas of your floor are quite a bit dingier and not as shiny as the flooring around the corners of the room. 

Sweeping and mopping are great, but they’re not enough/

Hard surface floors also require waxing, stripping, burnishing, buffing, and scrubbing. Some even need polishing. 

These will keep appearances up and keep the sealant active on the surface. Without that sealant, your flooring will certainly become permanently stained. 

Even a lot of green DIY chemical solutions have some adverse side affects, like grout erosion and dirt adherance. 

So have professionals come to your house today! And don’t let our name fool you, Carpet Cleaning Pro isn’t only a leader in carpet cleaning, but also hard surface floor cleaning, air duct maintenance, and other forms of home maintenance and repair.

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