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So now that you’re definitely considering having Carpet Cleaning Pro, the best carpet cleaning service in South Houston to come revive your carpets, you’re probably wondering what exactly is it that we do?

What is the process that we use?

What do we do that you don’t?

Dry Soil Removal – We thoroughly vacuum your carpet using an upright vacuum with special brush agitation technology and a highly efficient double-lined collection bag, or a final filter, in order to get ride of up to 99 percent of dirt particles on the surface.

Soil Suspension – This part of the process is where we begin using properly specified, formulated and mixed preconditioning agents created to loosen soil from fibers and extract it. There are four fundamentals involved in soil suspension: application of preconditioning chemicals; using heat or temperature to speed chemical reactions; agitation for proper chemical distribution, and giving ample to time for the chemicals reactions to finish before soil extraction is attempted. The acronym “CHAT” makes the fundamentals of soil suspension easy to remember.

Soil Extraction – No matter which methods of extraction your technicians use, it must remove soils if it is to be successful. This can be done through absorption, wet vacuuming, rinsing and even dry vacuuming, however we use the most popular method, hot water extraction, almost exclusively.

Grooming, as necessary – The purpose of grooming is actually not so much focused on soil extraction, but on providing a little TLC to the carpet fibers themselves. It is needed to eliminate pile distortion and matting, to properly distribute additives, such as carpet protectors, and to create an even appearance for your inspection.

Drying – This is possibly the most important step of the process, as a damp carpet will become soiled again rather rapidly, creating potential for slip-fall problems and ultimately, and will likely be a culture for odor forming bacteria.

So what are you waiting for? Carpet Cleaning Pro is the best in the business to have your carpets cleaned today.

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