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Eight out of ten homeowners in the US are convinced that the health of their family could be jeopordized by the condition of the floors in their home, and they’re exactly right. If you read a lot of our articles, you know how the quality and cleanliness of your carpets is directly proportional to the quality of the air in your house. The pollutants that accumulate in your carpet can actually make the air in your house ten times more polluted than the air outside.

Start by keeping walkways and entryways clean. This includes outside sidewalks, entry areas, porches and steps. Sweep, dust, vacuum or use a leaf blower to remove soil and debris from entries to eliminate tracking into the facility.

The most important aspect about your entryways is your doormats. Use exterior/interior mats to trap and contain dirt and dust and especially moisture at each entry. This not only extends the life of carpet, it greatly reduces the quantity of particles that enter and build up within traffic areas, eventually becoming airborne.

Do the Japanese thing, and take off your shoes. Studies conducted by professional engineers on carpet dust samples indicate that fine particles containing lead are reduced by cleaning or removing and leaving shoes at the entry.

A quality, durable upright vacuum with brush agitation is a must. Price is not as important as quality. Check trade or consumer magazines and expect sales persons to provide technically accurate information.

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