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There are many things that will contribute greatly to a “healthy work environment”.

Often, you’ll hear about things like “transparent and open communication”, “a work-life balance”, and “strong team spirit” as being necessary for a healthy work environment. And while that’s certainly true, we’re talking in a much more literal sense.

Since carpet textiles are the domineering choice for flooring, proper carpet care is among the top of the list for necessities for a truly healthy work environment. But you may not realize just how important it is.

Carpets are the preferred choice because of their sound absorption, slip protection, and – here it is – soil collection. Commercial carpeting is uniquely crafted to collect that soil, dirt, grime etc brought in by a constant flow of clientele, and even effectively hide it, but it can’t get rid of it! This is where Carpet Cleaning Pro comes into the picture, because even with preventative measures, all carpet will need to be thoroughly treated. At the very minimum, all high traffic areas, like entrances, should be cleaned on a quarterly basis. When possible, all of flooring in the building should be treated at least twice a year, with the aim to penetrate as deeply as possible and remove embedded dirt.

The hot water process we use shoots deep into the roots of the carpet, loosing any and all clods of dirt, and lifting them from the carpet, meanwhile giving new lift to the fibers of carpet and increasing the longevity of the materials.

You will love your carpets after they are deep cleaned! What are you waiting for? The sooner you call a good carpet cleaning company, the sooner your home will be more enjoyable to live in and become the envy of your neighbors!

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