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It is essential for anyone entering the carpet cleaning field to have a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of the various cleaning methods, applications, and history of carpet cleaning in general to become an informed and qualified journeyman. The following is a brief history of the cleaning methods.

Prior to World War II virtually all rugs were what we now call area rugs. These being portable and transportable, were best cleaned in a plant where specialized equipment could beat, vacuum, scrub and rinse all in one operation. With a proper drying room, fantastic results were obtained. After beating and vacuuming, the rugs were spread on a slab floor, hosed down with a cleaning solution and water, and scrubbed with a rotary brush scrubber. After rinsing, they were dried.

After WWII, the home builders of America caused a drastic change in home construction. The scarce and expensive hardwood flooring was dispensed with in favor of concrete slabs, plywood or unfinished sub-flooring. Wall-to-wall carpeting was readily accepted by the American housewife because not only was it less work to maintain, but it was also a decorator item. It gives an attractive appearance, is warm, and reduces noise. Builders and buyers accepted it because it was cheaper.

The problem of cleaning wall-to-wall carpeting is different than cleaning area rugs. Not only are they not portable, but the construction is entirely different. Smaller cleaning companies had been cleaning rugs on-location for some time. Since they lacked the expensive plant facilities, they fitted a solution tank and a different brush to the rotary scrubber and it became portable. Since the cleaner now had to come to the home, portable equipment was required.

The chemical companies went to work developing a fast-drying shampoo that used less moisture. Plant cleaners, who now found less rugs coming into the plant for cleaning, were being called to go home. It is little wonder they preferred the same type of cleaning method. They were skilled in this method. It was familiar, they know how to apply it and they already had the basic tool, the rotary scrubber.

Most of the established plant cleaners closed their eyes to this new market. They considered it a step-child. They knew they could not do as good a job in the home as in the plant, so they kept on-location carpet cleaning in the closet as much as possible. It was only a little over a decade ago that the National Institute of Rug Cleaning, Inc., would not allow an on-location carpet cleaning firm to be a member of their association.

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