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If there’s one thing that can be pesky to clean it’s carpet. If you don’t clean it properly, it may result in permanent damage. However, there are ways to avoid these missteps. Below is a list of six common carpet cleaning mistakes you should try to avoid.

1. Using the Incorrect Detergent

Carpet cleaning tools such as steam cleaners use detergents with specific formulas designed to remove dirt and stains while not harming the carpet itself. This is not always the case for laundry detergent. Certain laundry detergents may be so strong they could permanently harm carpet fibers.

2. Using Too Much Water

If too much water is used to clean carpet, it could exacerbate the problem. For one, the water may only move the dirt around. If there’s too much water, it may be hard to pick up even with a steam cleaner. Moist carpet can also result in the growth of mold.

3. Not Acting Immediately

Another mistake occurs when cleaning a carpet stain is put off until later. How long you wait can determine how successful you will be at removing the stain. Certain substances, such as grape juice, can seep deep into materials they come into contact with. If you wait too long, you’ll have little hope of removing it completely.

4. Cleaning Too Often

Being obsessive in regards to cleaning can have its own negative consequences. If a carpet is exposed to cleaning agents and harsh scrubbing too often, it could fade in color and become permanently damaged. Only clean your carpet when it’s actually necessary.

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