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The public was buying wall-to-wall carpeting. The larger plant cleaners, members of NIRC (or some such body), were ignoring on-location cleaning. They were partially correct, knowing the short-comings of the system they were familiar with as an on-location method could not be overcome with existing technology. 

So the equipment manufacturers, accurately sensing an expanding market, had to go outside to sell their equipment. Where it formerly took thousands and thousands of dollars to go into rug cleaning with a plant, now an on-location cleaner could set up shop from his home for a few hundred dollars. He could operate from his home, further cutting overhead.

The telephone company helped in the onslaught of untrained carpet cleaners being foisted onto an unsuspecting public, by allowing anyone to purchase large yellow page ads. These yellow page ads were solicited by some of the best trained and supervised salesmen ever assembled. They ran ads without even the simplest credit checks, with little or no restriction on the copy content.

Suddenly, a plant cleaner with trained and skilled personnel and a huge plant investment found himself in competition with an untrained newcomer with a $200.00 used scrubber and the family car. The fight was on. Prices were slashed. On-location quality was discarded and the public was left stranded. What few associations that were in existence. like NIRC, did nothing to improve the situation.

Fortunately, many of these newcomers discovered better techniques, and natural pride led them to improved quality. The plant cleaner as well started to take notice of the on-location business and some stability entered the field.

About the time things calmed down, a new process was introduced. Actually, it was re-introduced, the dry foam method. This method had been introduced before, but was unsuccessful in merchandising until the mail order people started making claims in their ads in magazines like Mechanics Illustrated, etc. Here again was a system that was almost totally rejected by the existing cleaning firms. They were content to operate as they had.

Again the market became flooded with untrained and unqualified operators.  Not as serious as before though, because the units were more expensive.  And since they were built in such a way as to use very little moisture, and had no excess power, they didn’t cause any harm to the carpeting.  We went through a battle between the newcomers and the established cleaners, but it wasn’t as bad as before.

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