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How many hours do you think you spend in your home/office space? It adds up more than you think. After all you spend almost your whole work day at your office, and then, although you may not be home much, you’re sleeping there for at least seven hours (We hope).

90% of your time will be spent in your home and office space according to the EPA.

Here’s another fact that may surprise you.

Where are the most pollutants going to be found? Inside your vacummed home, or out in the dirty outdoors?

Turns out mother nature knows what she’s doing, because as many as 100x more pollutants can be found indoors than outdoors. And it’s probably your carpets fault. Vacuuming and spot cleaning only remove bacteria on the surface. But dirt, pet hair, and dust mites are much deeper below the surface of your carpet. The grime will build up and build up until it is a serious health hazard, that still simple vacuuming and spot cleaning can’t fix.

Shampooing is so successful because the foam breaks up dirt and such in the fibers, while also acting as a lubricant to keep the fibers from getting damaged.

Steam, however, much more effectively penetrates to the core of the carpets, obliterating through any build up and targets all toxins and allergens that may be present. Steam methods actually improve overall appearance and lifespan, as well as keep the yellowing that usually appears after using certain shampoo products from occurring, thus preserving your color. Those same chemicals in these yellowing shampoos often are actually just as dangerous to your kids and pets as the dust and allergens in your carpet you were trying to get rid of in the first place.

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