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What is so special about Steam Cleaning that makes it the only form of cleaning required yearly by most warranties?

Steam cleaning is the most effective way to revitalize your carpeting, by penetrating down deep into the recesses of your carpet to loosen the dirt, and then immediately removing it while lubricating the fibers of carpet to increase their longevity.

During the treatment, a small amount of detergent is misted on the  carpet and allowed  a few minutes of contact time. A professional will then rinse the  carpet with hot water and extract the detergent and water combination with a powerful machine. During the process, some steam may be generated, but hot water extraction is a more accurate way to refer to this form of treatment. Many professionals will supplement the treatment with a fan or drying machine to dry the area quickly.

What makes it effective is the combination of high heat, safe detergents and powerful suction. The heat and detergent is a powerful cleaning team, repressing a variety of molds, pests and microorganisms. This form of treatment is particularly effective at helping to eliminating some of the most worrisome microbes, like salmonella or E. coli. When performed correctly, this form of treatment leaves little soap residue and little water behind, minimizing the risk of resoiling. The powerful vacuums a professional uses are strong enough to work deep into the carpet fibers, penetrating down to the base. This provides a thorough, longer lasting treatment.

After treatment, the carpeting will be clean and safe to relax on and will look much better. This can prolong the life of the carpet by several years if regularly done, saving the homeowner on replacement costs over the long term. It is also a gentle form of treatment, so it is appropriate for precious rugs and other textiles.

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