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Studies show that, without realizing, you may spend most of your time around carpeting. Why? Because it’s probably both in your home, and in your office space. But why is it such a popular choice?

Carpet is comfortable, and if you’re doing a lot of walking around your home or office, all the clipping and clopping is going to be bothersome if not downright uncomfortable rather quickly.

Carpet is economical, usually costing half the price of hardwood floors. Carpet also acts as insulation, lowering your heating bills, and making your floors warmer to walk on. With this in mind, it creates a much more homey feel. Also it creates noise reduction, and gives you another canvas for colors and patterns.

So what does that all the popularity mean for you? It means you spend around 90% of your time around carpet, according to the EPA.

Which means 90% of your time is spent in an area that houses as many as 100x more pollutants that can be found outdoors. And it’s your carpets fault. Vacuuming and spot cleaning only remove bacteria on the surface. But dirt, pet hair, and dust mites are much deeper below the surface of your carpet. The grime will build up and build up until it is a serious health hazard, that still simple vacuuming and spot cleaning can’t fix.

Steam methods actually improve overall appearance and lifespan, as well as keep the yellowing that usually appears after using certain shampoo products from occurring, thus preserving your color. Those same chemicals in these yellowing shampoos often are actually just as dangerous to your kids and pets as the dust and allergens in your carpet you were trying to get rid of in the first place.

So have Carpet Cleaning Pro come take care of your carpets today. We promise to deliver trained technicians, powerful equipment, and lasting results.

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